About Us

Operating in the same location since 1958, Silver Spring Animal Hospital offers friendly service and gentle care convenient to your home.

Our goal is to facilitate your visit to our clinic with scheduled appointments for personalized and thorough care, house calls for animals traumatized by routine visits to the hospital, financial estimates, referral to appropriate specialists, and hospitalization when necessary or home recuperation when feasible.

We belive in the value of the bond between people and their animal companions. Animals who are healthy, both physically and mentally, enhance the meaningful relationship. However, when a pet becomes ill, our goal is to offer every option for the best, most appropriate care available to the animal, always remembering their human companion's role in the recovery process. Furthermore, we strive to help people through all stages of their animal's life, using education and preventive medicine early on so that this wonderful relationship starts off well and continues as trouble-free as possible. Finally, we believe in providing support, compassion and dignity to both owners and pets at the end of each animal's life.

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We have opened a BRAND NEW Online Pharmacy. Now you can shop from the convenience of your home and have your prescription, non-prescription, refills, and diets delivered to your door. All non-diet orders over $39 are shipped absolutely FREE by UPS Ground. To register to shop at our online store please click the Shop Online link above.

Our Services

Comprehensive medical care
Check-ups and vaccinations
Preventive care
Routine surgical and dental care
Behavior consultations
Minor emergency care